Scott Barley
filmmaker & fine artist

The Art(s) of Slow Cinema
Nadin Mai’s blog originated from her research for her doctoral thesis into Slow Cinema. It has since flourished and grown into the go-to site for all things slow.

Floating World

Film critic, Dustin Chang shares his musings and opinons on cinema, as well as interviews with celebrated filmmakers. He has written several pieces on Barley’s cinema, as well as citing Sleep Has Her House as one of his favourite films.

Lo Specchio Scuro
Named after Robert Siodmak’s, The Dark Mirror, Lo Specchio Scuro is an online film journal, founded and directed by Lorenzo Baldassari, Alberto Libera & Nicolò Vigna. The journal focuses on bridging art cinema’s newest and most singular creative visionaries with deep philosophical analysis. Lo Specchio Scuro has written several in-depth pieces on Barley’s cinema, including a monograph, written by Alberto Libera. Barley is also listed as a “special collaborator” for the journal, and has contributed written pieces on French filmmaker, Philippe Grandrieux.

Mikel Guillen
Mikel Guillen is an avant-garde filmmaker, photographer, designer, film translator and anarchist poet, based in Toronto. During the 1990’s, Guillen professionally translated the works of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Federico Fellini, Andrei Tarkovsky, Robert Bresson, Luchino Visconti and many more. Guillen first collaborated with Scott Barley in 2015 on ‘The Sadness of the Trees’. Further collaborations are expected in 2017/18.

A new filmmaking collective between filmmakers, Scott Barley, Mikel Guillen, Sebastian Wiedemann, and reseacher/curator, Nadin Mai. Plans to be annoucned in due course.

Phil Solomon - Vimeo

Phil Solomon is an internationally recognised filmmaker and professor of film history/aesthetics and film production at Colorado Boulder University. Solomon's work has been screened in every major venue for experimental film throughout the U.S. and Europe, including three solo shows at the Museum Of Modern Art. His utterly singular and sublime work has been an inspiration. It is an honour to know him as both a mentor, and friend. 

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