Scott Barley
filmmaker & fine artist

New Film: 1st day of rushes


It's been a couple of months since I picked up my iPhone with the intention to film. But recently that came to an end, when I had one of the strangest experiences of my life. I saw things in the emerald night, near the woods. Apparitions that I could not explain, or even hazard a guess as to what they were. I don't think I have ever felt so excited at the prospect of the unknown. I have absolutely no rational explanation for what I saw. And I want to keep it that way. It's been forever on my mind since.

Perhaps this new film will be my way of sharing this feeling with you.

Then, at 4:40am this morning, I woke to the intensity of a dark light in the sunrise, sensing the light through my eyelids. The birds were singing. 

Like the old phrase goes, "red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning."

So I began filming.