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Evenfall (2015)

Evenfall was filmed in late January, up in the snowy hills of Abertillery. I see this film as a companion piece to my first film, The Ethereal Melancholy of Seeing Horses in the Cold. Evenfall is the sister film. Like '...Horses', it was all filmed in one location in less than an hour, using stream-of-consciousness. It is silent, set in the cold, and features one of nature's most elegant creatures: the horse. It is the metaphors themselves that are not the same; Evenfall is a silent poem to celebrate the winter light and the sense of solitude that it brings. It is also my first film in 2.35:1 aspect ratio, and it was shot entirely on an iPhone.

Night Will Fall: Scott Barley solo retrospective, Museum of Modern Art, Rio, Brazil
Goldensun Short Film Festival, Malta


State University of New York
Blackbird International Film Festival, New York, USA
Visionaria International Film Festival, Sienna, Italy
SF3 International Film Festival, Australia
Super 9 Mobile film Festival, Brazil
Pocket Cinema Film Festival, Pakistan
Scott Barley: EUROPEAN FILMMAKER IN FOCUS retrospective, Cinemalibre, University of the Philippines, Cine Ardana Cinemateque,  Philippines, Asia