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In addition to making films, since the beginning, I have had a strong interest in changing the way that films are distributed, and removing as many (often elitist) barriers that prevent people from accessing a type of cinema that is anything beyond what you'll find in the multiplex or on Netflix as I can, in the small capacity that is possible for me, as an individual filmmaker. All my short films are available to stream for free on Vimeo, and will always remain that way.

Starting today, I want to take that a bit further, beyond the individual and the internet space, and do something that could potentially be community-based; so long as people are interested in seeing these works in a cinema environment.

My films have always been intended (and increasingly so) to be experienced in the darkness of a cinema, on a big screen. So, I am making DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) of my short films available for anybody to download – for free – starting today, with my most recent short film, WOMB.

The DCPs will be available to download from my website on this page.

DCPs are a collection of six files that work together to play a film in the best possible quality on special hardware found only in DCP-enabled cinemas (the majority are these days). The DCPs I am making available can be screened in cinemas, at any venue that can play them, in any part of the world, and as much as one wishes to screen them – for free. All DCPs are compressed in .zip format, and will need to be uncompressed before being ingested for playback at theatres. They are not .MOV files and as such cannot be played on a computer.

So, if anybody – wherever you may live – has access to a cinema space, big or small, or works for one, or is in dialogue with one that has a healthy interest in showcasing work beyond the multiplex's blockbuster-only method of operation, then this might be something worthwhile. This is an experiment. I have no idea whether this will lead to anything fruitful or beneficial, but I think it's something worth trying.

I hope that this may lead to an empowerment in communities over what is screened in theatres, and I hope that it also leads to other filmmakers following suit with some of their work if they so wish, and help make access to different types of filmmaking and short films in a cinema environment easier, and more the norm.

If you do manage to organise a screening, please send me an email. It would be great to hear from you about it.