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Hinterlands (2016)


Through a structuralist and simultaneously ambiguous form, the image's reality treads closer to the abstract, leaving the sunset and trees behind. As we enter the image's gloaming, it reveals its true eye: reality's pure haptic energy, where there is nothing but sonorous light, and the dregs of the Unknown.

Hinterlands was later nominated in Sight & Sound's Best films of 2016 Poll by film historian, Nicole Brenez.

Screenings / Exhibitions

Revolutions Per Minute, Boston, USA

Alternative Film/Video, Belgrade, Serbia

La Galeria Germinal, Lisbon
Bogotá Experimental Film Festival / CineAutopsia, Colombia
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

ARTHAUS - Laboratorio de Creación Audiosual, Cuba
Pirámide Selva - Celebración, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hinterlands is also available in 2K resolution, with low-frequency sound as a digital download. Pay what you want.