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Hunter (2015)


"If we needed another reminder that the greatest filmmaker of the millennial generation has arrived, Scott Barley’s "Hunter" is just that. The fact it was made with an iPhone adds only more astonishment to what has been achieved here. If you care about and believe in film and video as a serious artistic medium, capable of the utmost beauty, horror and everything in between, you owe it to yourselves to watch Scott Barley's latest work, Hunter. After you’re done crying over its beauty, marvel at the fact that it was made using an iPhone!" – Jesse Richards, founder of The Remodernist film movement

"An impressive vision of experimental cinema in the iPhone era... This is even more impressive than TANGERINE (2015) Kevin B. Lee, Indiewire, Fandor

It is nightfall. A hunter lurks in the darkness, wandering further towards the impenetrable. Do the meanings lie in the stream, in the mountains, the stars, or in the death of things?

Screenings / Exhibitions

Alternative Film/Video, Belgrade
La Générale, Paris 

La Galeria Germinal, Lisbon

Tehran International Silent Film Festival, Iran
Night Will Fall: Scott Barley solo retrospective, Museum of Modern Art, Rio,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires,
Goldensun Short Film Festival, Malta

ExS International Film Festival, Serbia (awarded “Most significant work of 2015”)
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Colorado, Boulder

Jury award for "most significant work”, ExS International Film Festival, Serbia (2015).

Hunter is also available in 2K resolution as a digital download.
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