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Nightwalk (2013)

Several figures move through the darkness on a cliff-edge. An inaudible conversation near the brow of the cliff may be the cause for the group to disband. The rest of the film follows the solitary journey of the youngest member of the group, until she rests; where land meets the sea.


"Nightwalk is superb and very haunting." – Nicole Brenez

"Very impressive. L'Avventura for the Starless" – Phil Solomon, filmmaker

"Nightwalk (Scott Barley) is one of the three best short films I saw in 2014, along with Gradiva (Leos Carax), and À propos de Venise (Jean-Marie Straub)." – Filipe Furtado, film critic

“What ties Nightwalk to [Philippe Grandrieux's] La vie nouvelle is in their images, in their attempt to give warmth to bodies which are coverings of energy and heat slowly dissolving into pure spirit... A brilliant artifice of craftsmanslike technique. Visionary and powerful.” – Alberto Libera, Lo Specchio Scuro

"A hauntingly beautiful short film." - Jesse Richards, founder of The Remodernist Film Movement

Screenings / Exhibitions

MARFICI International Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Tehran International Silent Film Festival, Iran
Night Will Fall: Scott Barley solo retrospective

Blowup International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago, USA
State University of New York
Blackbird International Film Festival, New York, USA
Visionaria International Film Festival, Sienna, Italy
Scott Barley: EUROPEAN FILMMAKER IN FOCUS retrospective, Cinemalibre, University of the Philippines, Cine Ardana Cinemateque,  Philippines, Asia
A Dark Room Film Fest, Connecticut, USA