Shadows (2015)

Through a series of hauntingly beautiful vignettes, the poignant deterioration of an elderly woman's life is observed.
Shadows is a re-enactment of actual events that have happened to Doris due to living alone in old age. In doing so, we hope that this film will raise awareness on the consequences of loneliness among the elderly, and help find closure; a catharsis to life's pain and struggles.

While the picture re-enacts these true events, some details have been composited, or invented, but only to aid us in our search for human authenticity.

"This is not a film that I wanted to make, but the film that I felt I had to. I had no choice but to make this film now. That's how it feels. For better or for worse... And it could not have been done in the style of my more experimental works. I wanted it all to be very low-key to let my grandmother come to the fore. She is what's important and she is why the film was made. It was made for her, and only for her, out of a difficult, inexpressible combination of guilt and love... It has been said that we often make movies to remember, or to preserve. In this case, we are making a movie to help Doris forget. To help us all forget. To move on. To come full circle. The film is an ode to her; her grace." - Scott Barley

Screenings / Exhibitions

Night Will Fall: Scott Barley solo retrospective, Museum of Modern Art, Rio, Brazil
International Women's Day (BBC Culture, United Nations)

Blowup International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago, USA (Best Student Film Nominee)
State University of New York
Blackbird International Film Festival, New York, USA
Scott Barley: EUROPEAN FILMMAKER IN FOCUS retrospectiv, Cinemalibre, University of the Philippines, Cine Ardana Cinemateque,  Philippines, Asia