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The Sadness of the Trees (2015)

Two separate, yet poetically connected films that act as a threnody on nature; with the trees as silent observers to Man's insidious desolation.

Part I

A film by Mikel Guillen
for Hiroshi Sugimoto

Produced by Carlos M. Gárate
Cinematography and colour grading by Roger Singh 
Additional crew & drone pilots Adam Robertson, Dhanan Bhim & Tristan Cuschieri

Part II

A film by Scott Barley
for Vija Celmins

All work realised by Scott Barley

Sound design for parts I & II, and original composition: The Night's Kiss 
by Scott Barley

Screenings / Exhibitions

Animal-Nature-Human continuum International Film, Arts & Animal Welfare Film Festival, Liberty Cinema, Mumbai, India

Night Will Fall: Scott Barley solo retrospective, Museum of Modern Art, Rio, Brazil
Goldensun Short Film Festival, Malta

The Factory Film Festival, Bournemouth, UK